Baling Wire

Baling Wire

This is a type of wire used in agriculture and industry for everything from mending fences to manually binding rectangular bales of hay, straw, or cut grass.

Baling Wire with or without oil – annealed carbon steel wire.

Application :

Used for weaving, baling in general, applied in agriculture and other industry for tying and binding purposes.

Standard References

  • ASTM A510M-91 – Standard Specification for General Requirements for Wire Rods and Coarse Round Wire, Carbon Steel

  • ASTM A853-04 – Standard Specification for Steel Wire, Carbon, for General Use

Wire diameter and tolerance

  • 0.89 to under   1.93 mm: ± 0.025mm

  • 1.93 to under 12.70 mm: ± 0.050mm

  • Or as per customer requirement

Roll packing

One pallet contains 25 coils or rolls of baling wire and wrapped as one with stretch film

Baling Wire

Maximum Tensile

  • Grade AISI 1006 – 415 N/mm2

  • Grade AISI 1008/1010 – 450 N/mm2

  • Or as per customer requirement

Roll dimensions

  • Inner diameter – 200-210mm

  • Outer diameter – 320 – 330mm

Weight per roll

  • Less than 2.00mm = 30kg

  • 2.00 – 3.50mm = 40kg

  • Or as per customer requirement